Video shows Duterte after coma rumors

(ATTENTION) A video shows President Rodrigo Duterte who is going to eat on August 20. He seems normal, with the exception of a slight kink in his right eye.

Published on August 21, 2018

Updated at 8:58 pm, August 20, 2018

CONTROL OVER DUTERTE. President Rodrigo Duterte has made recordings of himself, supposedly on Monday, August 20. Screenshot of Bong GO Facebook video

CONTROL OVER DUTERTE. President Rodrigo Duterte has made recordings of himself, supposedly on Monday, August 20. Screenshot of Bong GO Facebook video

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (UPDATED) – Special Assistant to President Bong Go began a so-called live video of President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday evening, August 20, to address rumors that the director had fallen into a coma the previous day.

The video, which appeared live on the Facebook account "Bong GO" at 8.30 pm, shows that Duterte was supposedly about to dine with a nameless woman.

The video is the first time the public has seen Duterte since his presence at the Lex Talionis Fraternity congress on Saturday evening, August 18, in Davao City.

Duterte, sitting at a round table, directly addresses the viewers. The president appears in the normal state, except for his right eye, which seems to be hanging in comparison with his left.

"Sabi nila (They said) comatose. How can you be comatose if you are with a beautiful lady? "He said in the video.

Duterte also addressed the communist leader Joma Sison, among those who openly claimed that the president had fallen into a coma.

"Ang wish ko sa buhay, kahit wala kang silbi sa buhay na ito, mabuhay ka pa nang 1,000 years"he said. (My wish in this life, even if you do not feel like living in this life, is that you live 1000 years more.)

Duterte once again claimed that it was Sison who suffered from a serious condition and that he "abuse the hospitality of the Netherlands. "Sison has lived in exile in the Netherlands since the end of the dictatorship of Marcos.

"Sa totoo lang, nagcomplain na rin ang Netherands kasi labas-pasok ka sa ospital hindi ka naman nagbayad"Duterte said.

(In reality, the Netherlands complains because you are in and out of the hospital and still pay nothing.)

The Bong GO Facebook page, where the video was posted, is a page dedicated to the content of the presidential assistant, especially posts related to the 2019 elections. Messages include articles on surveys about senatorial preferences favorable to Go or Duterte & # 39; s comments that promote Go as a senator.

Stop rumors

This is the second time that Malacañang releases images of Duterte to expel claims of disease.

In June 2017, Go also sent reporters photo's of a working Duterte after he had not been publicized for 3 days. The president's timetable had been cleared for public events after he had skipped the Philippine Independence Day ceremonies because he felt himself under the weather.

Malacañang refuses to provide medical reports or statements from Duterte's doctors about the state of his health.

When Duterte left the hospital one day before his third State of the Nation Address in July, the palace refused to reveal it until after Rappler reported it, referring to informed sources.

The 1987 Constitution stipulates that the public must be informed if the President has a serious condition. (READ: President's health: weird topic for Duterte, public concern about the constitution) –

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