Woman killed in the fire in the candle factory in Ozamiz City

candle factory
Despite the presumed presence of stocks of combustible materials in the candle factory, it was brought under control within one and a half hours. Photograph by fireman Ritche Undag.

A laborer was killed when a ceiling collapsed on her during a fire that destroyed a candle factory in Ozamiz City.

The authorities have said that the fire started in the Bryant Milling and Marketing candle factory in the Barangay Carangan district of the Zamboanga city around 10:30 this morning (Wednesday, August 22).

Acting City Fire Marshall Rolando Bondaco identified the fatality as Mitchell Lou Ramayrat. She was a factory supervisor who produced wax candles and straws.

Researchers said that workers cooked paraffin wax with a & # 39; pugon & # 39; or oven oven – when an explosion occurred.

Genara Ramayrat, the victim's mother, told The Inquirer that her daughter was trapped in the candle factory. Her body was eventually found in a bathroom. Her body was badly burned after part of a ceiling had fallen on her.

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Factory owner Bryant See expressed his sympathy with the family of the victim, but added that he was grateful that there were no other victims. Injuries by other staff were not considered serious.

Marshall Bondaco estimates the cost of the damage at three million pesos.

The Fire Protection Bureau stated that the fire was under control in the afternoon.

Elsewhere in the province of Zamboanga, ten families were forced to flee after sudden floods overflowed their homes.

Elmeir Apolinario, disaster risk reduction manager, said the families from the village of Curuan were evacuated this afternoon.

He said: "I confirmed with the Barangay captain Noel Perez who is on the spot and according to him there are 10 directly affected families, but said that the number could rise because the possibility of flooding in other areas in Curuan is possible."

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