How to keep your New Year's resolution in shape, lose weight in 2019

BOSTON – Be realistic.

That is what experts advise people with New Year resolutions to become fit and lose weight in 2019.

Capturing to change is in fact an important step in the process of bringing about change.

"We always see a little influx around this time of year," said Joe Tansey of Best Fitness in Danvers.

He says that a key to success in the long term is a training plan that produces results.

"Everyone has that motivation in the beginning, but the fact that he can see some of those numbers change and feel some of those changes will help keep people motivated," Tansey said.

Other success tips for newcomers to gyms include determining and developing the same route every day, and choosing qualitative workouts over quantity, such as three good workouts instead of six.

Finally, do not be intimidated by the musclemen.

"Those people who are in super size are worried about themselves," Tansey said.

Although physical exercise is important, it is not the fastest way to lose kilograms, Dr. said. Fatima Cody-Stanford, an obesity expert at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Yet she is not a fan of diets on January 1st.

"A diet implies that it is short-lived and I believe in sustainable things that lead to long-term changes," she said.

Although long-term change implies that it is slow, this can be daunting for people who are on a diet. But Cody-Stanford said no discount on other signs indicating that significant weight loss is happening.

"Maybe they fit on pants they could not wear because their waist circumference is smaller and that's a bit more important than just the number on the scale," she said. "Because that weight we carry in our stomach is more likely to cause damage."

One study showed that about 40 percent of Americans are good intentions for the new year.

The encouraging news is that researchers in Pennsylvania found a success rate of more than 40 percent success after six months.

One last thing to remember: if you have not made a New Year's resolution, there is nothing magical about Jan. 1.

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