Pokémon Go Holiday 2018: new Pokémon and new Shinies

1 o'clock in the afternoon. PST is a special time for Pokémon Go, always the time when new things come true. With the start of the holiday event, we are slowly but surely getting information about all the new things that are happening! So enough of an intro, let's go to the meat of the event!

Fair warning, this is an article in progress, while hatches and raid bosses are still developing.

Shinies everywhere!

It was a tossup about whether or not to shine for Delibird for the holidays, because it was not originally reported with the in-game news or the Niantic post on the issue, but instead via the main page pokemon.com. However, this is the most important pokemon site, so it is to be trusted, especially because Shine Delibird arrived at the start of the event!

Picture credits come from the local discord of a Go Hub Moderator: Community

So get trainers off, may I wish you luck in your attempts to find the shiny Santa Claus! Especially because, unlike the last time around the holidays, Shiny Santa Hat Pikachu is the scene!

Credits go to a user on the Go Hub Discord

Finally, in case that was not enough, as shown by you / MelloNation97 on Reddit, there is a shiny Azurill, which expands the big pool of shiny baby Pokémon (and allows it to access that cool-looking golden Azumarill)!

New Pokemon

Niantic has finally given a new wave of Sinnoh mons, moreso than originally thought. We got to see Snover, Abomasnow, Croagunk and Munchlax, but the list got much bigger, look at:

All developed forms must be able to spawn in the wild, because none of these is a three-step evolution. We have already seen the wild Abomasnow and Drapion, and it is safe to say that the others will do the same.

Unfortunately, for those who check their Piloswine, you will not notice that it can still evolve in Mamoswine, besides that there is no clear way to get a Glacone. Even longer we have to wait until the mammoth comes and rule over the Ice type meta-game.

Moreover, this was confirmed before, but we liked Munchlax's 7 km eggs as originally promised, and can assume that Mantyke, Chingling and Riolu will do the same as other in-game news reported.

Bonuses Active

As such, all announced bonuses are active, so double candies work for all facets of the game, whether it concerns transfers from the professor, catches or even transfers to Let & # 39; s Go Pikachu and Eevee if you happen to have those games on you Switch have standing. This lasts until the 22nd, where it will switch to double Stardust, so continue to transfer and capture to collect those candies. You need them to unlock those second load movements.

New Raid Bosses

With the arrival of Heatran there was a striking boss shake-up to start up, so that several new Pokemon came into the rotation. This is the list we have seen so far:

  • Level 1: Shinx (glossy), Shellder (glossy), Magikarp (glossy), Buizel, Mustache (glossy)
  • Series 2: Dewgong, A-Exeggutor, Mawile (Shiny), Sneasel
  • Level 3: Piloswine, Jynx, Machamp, A-Raichu (shiny)
  • Level 4: Walrein, A-Marowak (glossy), Lapras, Tyranitar
  • Level 5: Heatran

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