Porsche Taycan is already attracting strong interest from owners of Tesla – BGR

The Porsche Taycan is undoubtedly one of the long-awaited cars of 2019. The Taycan is officially unveiled later this year and represents the first big push from Porsche in the realm of electric cars & # 39; s. We could be at what we can see up to now. give Tesla a real run for his money.

Specifically, the Porsche Taycan is not messing around. Impressive, the Taycan has a 0-62 MPH time of 3.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of more than 155 MPH. Equally impressive is that the Taycan can cover more than 310 miles with a single load. In addition, Porsche has been working on a high-voltage supercharger network that reportedly allows Taycan owners to charge up to 250 miles in just 20 minutes.

That said, the Porsche Taycan – similar to what we saw with the Model S – will be a luxury car that happens to be electric. In other words, the Taycan offers the same high standards of performance and design that Porsche enthusiasts have been accustomed to in recent decades.

Interestingly, the Taycan already seems to catch the eye of current Tesla owners. This is particularly interesting, because Porsche Cars North American CEO Klaus Zellmer last year admitted that the appeal of the Model S probably cost Porsche some sales.

"We have a lot of respect for Tesla – and yes, I'm sure there are some Porsche customers who did not find the car they wanted in terms of connectivity, digital items in the car and an electric battery in the vehicles. with Porsche, so they bought somewhere else, "Zellmer said last November.

Flash ahead a year or so and the Taycan – which reportedly sports a sticker prize of $ 85,000 – seems already to be a success. Earlier this month, for example, Zellmer told CNET that if all current Taycan reservation holders actually continue with a purchase, the Taycan will be completely sold out for the year.

Even more interesting, however, is that a large number of Taycan orders come from Tesla owners.

"More than half of the people who register for the Taycan do not own or own a Porsche," Zellmer said. "Typically, when we look at our source of business, people who come from other brands, it is Audi, BMW or Mercedes.The no.1 brand is now Tesla.That is quite interesting, to see that people who have very good reasons were curious about the Tesla, do not cease to be curious. "

Does Tesla have reason to be worried? Not necessary. Until the Taycan actually hits the road, Tesla will continue to improve and sell the Model S in significant numbers. Furthermore, Tesla fortune currently has less to do with Porsche competition and much more to do with the ability to boost the production of Model 3. Anyway, the electric car's landscape is ready this year to become a lot more interesting.

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