Australia: first, needles in strawberries, now in apple – Crime

A resident of New South Wales who picked up an apple found a needle – they say Australian media. The police are already working on the case.

In the past 12 days there have been at least 20 cases in the state where consumers have found pins and needles in strawberries. The Queensland State authorities, in which most cases of this type were discovered, promised a price of 100,000. Australian dollars for a person who will help catch the perpetrator or perpetrators of these incidents, which was considered an act of sabotage against strawberry growers in this state.

Reports of sharp objects in strawberries led to the collapse of the prices of these fruits on the market – in some places strawberries are already sold under the cost of cultivation.

Now the media reports about a woman who found a needle in an apple. The fruit was bought in a supermarket in the suburbs of Sydney.

The woman admitted that she had been shocked by the discovery because she had heard of strawberry needles and – according to the authorities' recommendations – she cut these fruits before serving them, but until now she did not check the apples.

Strawberry growers are alarming that they have to destroy part of the harvest because of the low demand caused by reports of strawberry needles. Some growers will not be able to pay for strawberries next year – the Western Australian Strawberry Growers Association is alarming.


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