Boat. A letter from 1929 found in a bottle on the construction site of Monopolis

The fact that a letter from nearly 90 years ago was found on Instagram Monopolis, where photos are published with the progress of the work on the site of the former Polmos factory. The problem was published by Radio Eska. The reporter of the station discovered that the bottle with the letter in the middle found workers in the roof construction. A valuable subject has already been given to scientists.

Barbara Otto of Virako, the company that realized the investment in an interview with Radio Eska, emphasized that the bottle is not damaged, but that the paper is bent and sometimes worn. – We do not know the contents of the letter, we could only decipher individual words – she added. For now we only know that the document dates from 1929.

This is not the first such discovery on the site of the former Vodka monopoly. Earlier, a bubble and old labels had already been discovered on other bottles. All found objects must be transferred to the museum, which will be built in the renovated complex.

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