Driving license 2018 – questions. New driver's license this year? [ZMIANY, NOWE ZASADY – 26.08.2018]

Driving license 2018 – trial period

The trial period is aimed at training inexperienced drivers. It must take two years and will apply to drivers who receive a document that gives them the right to drive vehicles. It is about people who receive a B driving license for the first time and the trial period counts from the day the driver picks up the document.

During the trial period, between the fourth and eighth month after obtaining a driving license, the driver must follow a refresher course in the field of road safety and practical training in road traffic hazards.

Driving license 2018 – theoretical lessons

classes theoretically, among other things, will include presentation of factors that influence road safety, problems of traffic accidents and psychological aspects of driving vehicles. During practice training the hazards of too high a speed are reported to the driver. Theoretical training costs PLN 100. The practical part of the hour is PLN 200.

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Driving license 2018 – trial period – green leaf

Moreover, for a period of eight months after obtaining a driving license, the driver can only drive the car on the rear and the front with the green leaf sticker. In urban areas it can not exceed the speed of 50 km / h, outside the built-up area – 80 km / h, and on the motorway and the highway – 100 km / h. Moreover, you can not work as a professional driver for the first eight months.

Drivers who commit two offenses during the trial period against the security of communications, confirmed by a mandate or a final court decision, the staroste (or the mayor of a city with public rights) will:

  • he extended the trial period for a further two years,
  • he has written a reference for a re-education course in the field of road safety
  • he has published a reference for psychological research.

Driving license 2018 – who will change?

It is important that it also covers those who have been driving for years, but they have lost or lost and the date of recovery will be determined after 4 June.

Driving license without an address?

As Szymon Huptyś, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Infrastructure, has informed us, the ministry is considering the possibility that the address of the driver may not be included in a new driving license.

– The Ministry of Infrastructure maintains its position that at the time of the implementation of CEPIK 2.0. in the framework of the Central Register of Directors, the possibility of withdrawing from the need to enter the address in the driving license will be considered – Szymon Huptyś informs us.

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