Emilewicz: R & D lighting has been successful: twice as many companies invest in research and development

The number of companies that benefited from the tax reduction for R & D doubled, according to PAP Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz. The fact that more and more entrepreneurs spend their money on R & D means that the economy is healthy & innovative; it begins to be, he emphasizes.

"The CSO statistics we received this week have exceeded our expectations," said the head of the MPiT.

In 2017, 1090 PIT and CIT taxpayers benefited from the R & D taxpayer, whereas in 2016 it was 528 – so there was almost a twofold increase year-on-year. The amount of reported expenditure increased from PLN 1.2 billion to PLN 1.91 billion, while the amount of the deduction in 2017 amounted to PLN 584 million – three times more than in the previous year.

As the MPiT head said, this is very optimistic news. "So many entrepreneurs are really in their pocket and they can continue to invest this money in R & D" – she emphasized.

Aid for research and development from 1 January 2017 has been increased from 30 percent. up to 50% and from 1 January 2018 – from 50% to 100% – recalled in the interview with PAP, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Piotr Dardziński.

"It turns out that raising the discount to 50% already resulted in the number of beneficiaries of this benefit increasing twice, and that the amount of expenditure increased threefold, the most important of which, the most rewarding information is that entrepreneurs in they invest more in people, not in equipment and infrastructure, "he said.

In the opinion of the deputy head of the Ministry of Science, investing in staff – both among young PhD students, as well as experienced scientists and professors – is particularly important. "Because in the structure of spending on research and development, the ability to commercialize determines the competences and competitiveness of the Polish economy", emphasized Piotr Dardziński.

As Jadwiga Emilewicz reminded, in the Strategy for Responsible Development an increase in expenditure on R & D was defined to 2.5%. GDP, when they reach 1 percent today. The Minister of Entrepreneurship pointed out that such expenditure has so far been financed largely from public money.

"Today, according to statistical data, we can see that this scale relies on the part of private entrepreneurs, and more and more they spend on R & D. And this is a good signal because it means the economy is healthy and innovative. begins to be "- she estimated.

The fact that our entrepreneurs began to invest dynamically in research and development was also emphasized by Dardziński. "The situation of innovativeness has changed after the introduction of the Constitution for Science, which strongly encourages universities to collaborate with companies, after two innovation laws that offer entrepreneurs tax reductions, after programs that reinforce staff, such as implementation doctrines," he calculated.

Dardziński pointed out that public spending on R & D in Poland is more or less comparable with the European average. However, we had a major shortage of investments by the private sector. "These dynamics, and we would like more private expenses, show that Polish entrepreneurs are convinced that it is worth investing in collaboration with science, it is worth investing in scientists, it is worth to invest in research because you have to have new technologies "- he pointed out.

As he said, the relief mechanism helps entrepreneurs to save capital. "The impact of the relief was predicted at the level of about PLN 1 billion, with 100% discount, so 1 billion will fall into the pockets of entrepreneurs and they will be able to reinvest it in research and development" – he explained.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education pointed out that in analyzing the impact of research and development processes on the economy, in addition to the income directly generated by taxes, the "elusive, social" impact. "With the fact that entrepreneurs employ scientists, it seems that less talented scientists go abroad," he argued. He added that people who want to develop their scientific career and want to carry out research projects also come to us.

"We hope that similar good effects, such as R & D lighting, will be achieved by recently being approved by government support for innovative companies through the introduction of preferential taxation on intellectual property rights, that is IP Box. income from patents and inventions created in Poland, he will pay only 5 percent of the profits from this profit "- summed up the head of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology."

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