Eurostat: fewer and fewer young Poles live with their parents – Wiadomości

The European Statistical Office has published new information on the participation of young people living together with their parents. – In the case of Poland, this indicator has improved somewhat – noted Prajsnar.
The share of Poland that lived with their parents in 2017 was 44.7 percent. the entire population of people between 25-34 years. In 2016 this indicator was 45.5 percent and in 2015 – 45.7.

Data from Eurostat show that the lowest participation rate of young Polish residents who still live with their parents has been reached in 2005 (36.4 percent) in 2005. In the following years it increased regularly, the highest jump (since 2005) was recorded in 2011 – by almost 4%, to 44.4%.

– The general position of our country against the background of other EU countries is not very optimistic in this case. It is worth emphasizing that, in the light of Eurostat data, Poland is in 24th place in the 30 countries compared. A larger proportion of the 25-34 age group living with their parents was characterized by only the following countries: Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Slovakia and Croatia – the expert said.

As recalled by Prajsnar, Eurostat has estimated the proportion of young inhabitants of individual countries of the Old Continent who still live with their parents for some time. – The most interesting is the category of people between 25 and 34 years old. In the case of these young people there is a considerable risk that they will no longer leave their families – the expert said.

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