IKEA pulls back popular lamps. Check if you have one at home and that you better return to the store! [30.09.2018]

IKEA pulls back popular lamps

As we read on the IKEA website, they have been withdrawn Ceiling lamps CALYPSO marked with time stamps from 1625 to 1744 due to the risk of falling from the lampshade.

IKEA attracts one of the popular models of ceiling lamps from sales. IKEA relies on customers to bring it back to the nearest store where they will receive a new lamp or a full refund of the purchase costs. A proof of purchase is not required. IKEA materials

Read absolutely: IKEA attracts these products from all stores. Also in Poland! What is disappearing from IKEA? Check!

IKEA relies on customers who purchased the CALYPSO ceiling light after 1 August 2016 to check the timestamp. IKEA withdraws CALYPSO ceiling lamps with data from 1625 to 1744.

– All our products are tested for compliance with applicable standards and regulations. Nonetheless, IKEA received reports from customers with information about cases where glass lampshade CALYPSO ceiling lamp (article number in Poland 200.324.15) has been dropped – informs IKEA in the official announcement. – for the sake of customer safety, in order to prevent similar accidents, IKEA decided to remove the CALYPSO ceiling lamps produced between the 25th week of 2016 and the 44th week of 2017 (marked with stamps from 1625 to 1744), first two digits indicate the production year, and the last two weeks of production).

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IKEA appeals to all customers who have marked a CALYPSO ceiling lamp with timestamps from the above range, they have returned it to the nearest IKEA store, where they will receive a new CALYPSO lamp or a full refund of the purchase costs. A proof of purchase is not required.

A complete message with instructions on how to find a date window can be found on the IKEA website – here.

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