Journalists of "good change" without money has published internal e-mails from employees who complain about this situation.

According to the KRS data, the publisher of the newspaper, Forum SA, has been doing better in recent years, especially thanks to the millions that flow from state-owned companies.

In 2016, it even had 5 million more turnover than a year earlier, before the change of power at the state treasury companies. Net profit increased by PLN 1.5 million.

Only from January to July of this year received the weekly magazine Sakiewicza, Gazeta Polska, 6.64 million zloty of state-owned enterprises. PLN is 2.66 million more than a year earlier.

Sakiewicz is the editor-in-chief of both magazines – Gazeta Polska and Gazeta Polska Everyday.

His companies do not even hide the fact that they are governed by PiS politicians. This is done officially. The head of the Forum SA Supervisory Board is the MEP Ryszard Czarnecki, and its shareholder Geranium subsidiary of Srebrna.

Tomasz Sakiewicz is also getting better. Thanks to a loan from the state bank PKO BP, Sakiewicz recently bought half a historic villa in Krakow for PLN 2 million.

The only certainty was his apartment. The head of the bank is a good friend of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in 2016) – Zbigniew Jagiełło.,gpc-na-skaju-bankructwa-dziennikarze-od-miesiecy-nie-widzieli-wyplaty,57,0,2410809.html

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