Krzysztof Gonciarz campaign yogurt Skyr OSM Piątnica

The leitmotif of the Podlasie dairy campaign is to combine Icelandic motifs with Polish accents. The idea is "Icelandic after us" and it shows the compilation of product characteristics from Poland and Iceland.

As part of the promotion of Skyr yoghurt, youtubowi Clerytki Babki, I Love Cook, Treneiro Vlog or Lotar producers have tested it. Krzysztof Gonciarz was in turn invited to Podlasie, where he recorded an episode that promoted Skyr. Youtuber visited Biebrza National Park, kayak, trained and met also fans of Piątnica.

The Plej agency with the strategic support of Melting Pot is responsible for the concept and implementation of the campaign, which involves working with influencers and social media.

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