Pension 2019. What will the valorisation be? Table and calculations [30.09.2018]

Pension 2019. When valorisation?

In March 2019, the highest (percentage) indexation of pension and disability pensions has been prepared for years. As Teresa Czerwińska, the Minister of Finance, the government of Justice and Justice, says next year, almost PLN 7 billion is planned for the indexation of pensions and pensions.

Pension 2019 – Pension forecast instead of rising – reduced!

Those who are 35 years old already receive information about the amount of the hypothetical pension from ZUS. And they – when they analyze the letters from Zusowski – have found out that something is wrong. Planned retirement instead of rising – it has decreased! Why?!

The information is unpleasant, but it should not be a surprise. she the effect of restoring a lower retirement age.

Last year, when social security sent letters with information about the account balance, the retirement age was still higher. This means that not only the pension contributions would be longer, but would also be valorised more often, as would the initial capital. The larger amount was divided by the smaller number of months that the benefit would be paid.

Valorisation of pensions 2018 and 500 plus for seniors [TABELA, ZASADY]

Pension 2019. What is the situation after the reduction of many pension benefits?

After reducing the retirement age the situation is reversed: we pay less to the system, so it will be less money, and we will use it for longer. Monthly payments must therefore be lower. It is only mathematics.

– In our province ZUS letters with information about the height of a hypothetical pension receive about one million inhabitants – informs Krystyna Michałek, the regional spokesperson for the Social Insurance Institution.

Anyone born after 1948 will receive it, which has paid at least one retirement pension. The shipment lasts until the end of August. When analyzing the letter, pay attention to the fact that last year's premiums for each month work have been added to our account. Of course, unless we are on sick leave, for example.

The account balance is given without valorisation for 2017. It is 108.68%.

The hypothetical amount of the pension (for those to whom such information is transmitted) is given in different variants: if we have worked until the retirement age and if we have not worked.

Then – the forecast benefit is provided after the retirement age and if we have worked longer. In addition, the pension is extended with the sub-account, ie the money that is transferred by pension funds with an open end.

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Pension 2019 – valorisation. We have a table and valorisation calculations

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