Sunday 2018. Will stores open today?

On days like today, you can also go to trade fairs and small estate stores.

Trade Sundays – September 2018. When is the next Sunday not prohibited by trade?

September 2 is the first shopping night this month. According to the rules of the law on the restriction of trade on Sunday, two trading Sundays must be held every month. In September, both trade Sundays share three Sundays without trade, meaning that subsequent purchases will cook on the last day of week 30, because the general principle is that buying Sundays are always the first and last Sunday of a given month. The only exception to this rule is December this year – because of Christmas the number of commercial days in this month will be increased to four.

Trade Sundays. Who can sell all Sundays?

The law on restricting trade on Sundays does not apply to everyone. There are 32 exceptions to the generally accepted rule, which means that there are stores that can trade on both commercial and non-commercial Sundays. Every Sunday, perhaps shopping in pharmacies, bakeries, pastry shops, post offices and petrol stations. Apart from the above stores on non-commercial Sundays, catering establishments (restaurants, ice cream parlors, cafes), points relating to tourism and travel services (hotels, souvenir shops, sports equipment rental, shops in station halls) and cultural institutions (cinemas, theaters, galleries) to open . The distribution in commercial and non-commercial Sundays does not have to be managed by the owners of small shops, provided they indicate for the store on the day of the ban on trade itself.

Sunday 2018 – the shops are closed nowadays

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