Sunday in August 2018. Is the trading Sunday on August 26? [LISTA NIEDZIEL HANDLOWYCH 26.08]

View: Sunday Sunday August 2018 Is August 26 a business Sunday? CALENDAR – August 26 stores opened or closed?

Sunday in August 2018. Is there a trading Sunday on 26 August? [LISTA NIEDZIEL HANDLOWYCH 26.08]

How do the stores open on Sunday in August? When are things on Sunday? View the list of commercial and non-commercial Sundays for August 2018 and find out when you do not want to shop. Under the new law they will not be able to work on certain days, among other shopping centers and shops where someone else is behind the counter than the owner.

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Sunday, August 26, 2015. List of open and closed stores. When the trade ban? [DATA, LISTA, KIEDY]

According to the calendar, coming Sunday 26 August, we will be able to shop in all stores. It will be a shopping Sunday. The previous, August 19, was the day on which the trade ban was in force. However, next weekend, on Sunday 03/09/2018, we can not shop in most stores again.

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What to do in a situation where we have to shop on a non-commercial Sunday? It is worth noting that, in spite of the ban on trade, they can work, among other things, small local stores, as well as franchise-based businesses, if the owner or person working in a relationship other than an employment contract becomes the owner. Due to the nature of the activity being carried out, several other points will also be open.

Sundays in August 2018. How will the stores be opened on Sundays? List, date, when [26.08.2018]

Which stores are open and which are closed in August 2018? When are commercial Sundays falling? Below is a list of what it looks like in the current month:

Ban on trade on Sundays. Shops opened in August 2018 on:

Ban on trade on Sundays. Shops closed in August 2018 on:

It is worth mentioning that we can ban trade on Sunday if necessary, do some shopping on the following points:

  • petrol stations
  • estate stores, in which the owner or person who works for a work / assignment on the basis of a contract sells
  • pharmacy,
  • bakeries,
  • ice cream parlors,
  • florists,
  • post offices
  • shops with newspapers, souvenirs, tickets or tobacco products.

Trade Sundays August 2018. When are the stores open and when do they close on Sunday in August? [26.08]

On Sunday 26 August you can shop without problems in stores such as Lidl, Biedronka, Netto and in shopping centers. Stores on August 26 should therefore be open during the standard hours of their work. In August 2018 there are two shopping Sundays and two non-trading Sundays.

All major hypermarkets are free of trade on Sundays: Lidl, Biedronka, Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan, Kaufland and others.

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