Sundays in August 2018. Will the shops open today?

Sunday 2018. The stores are open on 26 August

August 26 is one of the two trading days of August. Why is this Sunday Sunday shopping? According to the rules of this year, Sundays always fall on the first and last Sunday of the month unless due to important greetings (such as Christmas and Easter) the trading Sundays are postponed and their number is increased. Keep in mind, however, that the rules on how much commercial Sunday falls in a particular month will change in the next year. From January 2019 commercial Sundays will be removed once a month, in 2020 and in the next seven days within a year.

Trade and non-trade Sundays. What are the penalties for those who will act in a lawsuit?

The Sunday Restricting Trade Act says that sellers who open their stores despite the ban or who entrust their employees with trade related activities on non-commercial Sundays are fined 1,000 to 100,000 zloty. The same punishment threatens those who will act after midnight on 24 December or Saturday just before the first day of Easter. What are the "trade-related activities" mentioned? As explained by the Labor Inspectorate of the State, this term is understood as both sales and customer service, as well as the preparation of a shop for opening, preparation of exhibitions, order or settlement of income.

Sunday 2018 – the shops are closed nowadays

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