The Wielton group takes over Lawrence David and strengthens its position in Europe

The Wielton Group is being transferred

Wielton Group drives Lawrence David / Press release

Lawrence David is a company with more than 45 years of history, operating on a stable, British market with a total potential of approximately 23,000 vehicles per year, with a share of 9.9 percent. Spka's portfolio includes trailers, curtains and vans, as well as last-mile solutions, currently around 13 percent. his product portfolio.

– Thanks to Lawrence David, the Wielton group has direct access to a stable and resilient market. Acquisition is also the enrichment of the Group's offering for us – the British company has unique products. From the perspective of entering new markets, pay particular attention to products from the last mile / home supply line, which are widely used in the FMCG industry and the fast-growing e-commerce sector. Another interesting product group is the bezke u, which ensures a more efficient handling of the cargo and a faster launch of transport. We expect this product to partially replace traditional trailers in more demanding markets – says Mariusz Golec, President of Wielton S.A. and adds: – On the other hand, we see a lot of potential in addition to Lawrence David's offer with tipping trailers and container trailers. Ultimately, the Wielton Group will also supply finished trailer chassis for Lawrence David products – adds Golec.

The integration of the brand-derived Great Britain under the common name of the Wielton group means benefits for both entities. Thanks to the scale effect, their production potential will be significantly increased and the achieved synergies will be optimized in three important areas: process, production and purchasing. The success of the integration process is the responsibility of Lawrence Marshall, the current director of the company's management, whose years of experience and professionalism have been recognized by the management of the Group.

We are very happy that we can honor the Wielton Group. This strategic cooperation guarantees both chassis production and cooperation with existing suppliers. Thanks to the agreement, we will expand our product portfolio to the British market and gain access to the most advanced research and development center in Europe. With all this in mind, we look forward with optimism in the future – observes Marshall Lawrence, President of Lawrence David Ltd.

The Wielton Group will drive 75 percent. wrzerz w spce Lawrence David in September br. The transaction value is GBP 26 million. Transfer of the remaining 25 percent it is planned for the next four years in the earn-out model for the average EBITDA of the Group based on four years.

Results of the Wielton Group in the first year of 2018

Confirmation of the drought of the Wielton group's 2020 growth strategy implemented includes the revenues of the Wielton group in the first year of 2018, which were higher by more than 24%. compared to the previous year and PLN 983.4 million at the end of the period, the consolidated net profit would reach PLN 39.2 million (an increase of y / y of 23.2%), and the EBITDA result of PLN 51.3 million in relation to profitability. 5.3% (with 18.2% more y / y). The increase would also be visible at the sales volume level in the reporting period to be 13.9 percent higher. year on year. The result consolidates sales in the region of Wielton, Viberti, Fruehauf and Langendorf.

– In the first year of Br. We have sold 8825 vehicles, which means that we systematically disappear as a group every year and every quarter. Thanks to the favorable economic situation, we are constantly in the middle of the trailers and semi-trailer manufacturers in Europe and in Poland we are currently the third largest player – says Mariusz Golec.

Successive investment implementation

The development in the diversification of the product portfolio requires investments in modern technological processes, including automation and robotisation. The Wielton group carries out an ambitious investment program, largely financed with its own resources, with the aim of increasing the production capacity and the product portfolio. One of the latest investments, which is in the test production phase, is an automated painting line for anti-corrosion protection of chassis and cataphoresis methods (KTL) and a paint shop. In the following months of this year. The intention is to use two lines for the welding of main beams of trailer frames, as well as a line that will improve the lower and upper transport for pneumatics, as well as the assembly of the chassis axles. Work is currently also being done on the implementation of a project for the start of the production of chines, the completion of which is expected in 2019. The investment costs amount to PLN 20 million, of which 44%. is co-financed by an agreement with the National Center for Research and Development.

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