A GLS car used by hunters. The declaration of the courier

"We are very curious if the management of GLS Poland knows that one of its official vehicles is used for transporting dead animals and placing pulpits. (…) Is the car contaminated with blood, faeces and other secretions that flow of dead animals that are then used for transport shipments? "- we read about the" People Against the Hunter "profile.

The courier company's response did not have to wait long. "In connection with the information we have received about the person using the car with our logo for hunting purposes, we would like to point out that GLS Poland is strongly against such activities," we read.

GLS points out that the company has participated in pro-animal campaigns in the past. "Based on the information provided to us, we immediately took action and drew the consequences to the person involved in this situation," it stated.

The company pointed out that it is about the way the car is used with the GLS logo. "We do not judge the hobby's, passions and beliefs of our subcontractors or customers, if they fall within the limits of the law" – it is written.

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