A gruesome murder of Planty in Krakow. The 62-year-old is dead

The tragedy took place at the intersection of ul. Smolensk with Planty. An unconscious man saw a passing cyclist. As reported by RMF24, the man had a steady knife in his chest, as well as other mutilations. He was dressed for sport. He probably died when he left to run in the morning.

– A 62-year-old resident of Krakow died. It was about. 6.30. An ambulance was called to him and a resuscitation attempt was made, which did not work – informs Anna Zbroja-Zagórska of the Małopolska police press team in an interview with Fakt24. The police found a crime instrument – a kitchen knife.

Officers are looking for witnesses who were in the area 6 in the morning and they could see a suspicious person. It is underway to determine whether there is monitoring in the area that the perpetrator or perpetrators could register. The prosecutors and police who were looking for traces were called up on the spot.

As determined by the District prosecutor, the deceased 62-year-old resident of Krakow with the initials W.G .. The researchers lead, among others, search for residential and business premises occupied by the injured party. – We have ordered toxicological and histopathological tests of samples that were secured during the autopsy. We also determine why the man stayed in the Planty area at the time of the incident – informs Janusz Hnatko, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Krakow.

The researchers discovered that the man with a knife in his chest had been killed by a few strokes, of which he bled and died. The public prosecutor takes into account two versions of events. One of them is death as a result of murder. The second version says that the 62-year-old has taken his life.

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