A man with a knife stabbed in a disco in Mieleszyn

knife, knife attack
Author: Dreamstime

Tragedy in the town of Mieleszyn (Greater Poland Voivodeship)! He died a 28-year-old man who was stabbed into a disco from Saturday to Sunday at night. The police and the prosecutor's office investigate the circumstances of death and two people were detained in the case.

The whole event is shrouded in mystery. Until now, the police only confirmed that the injured 28-year-old, despite the help he had given him, died on Sunday morning. It is also known that two people were detained, but the uniform does not inform who they are and whether they have been charged. Not much is known about the victim. According to unofficial information, the 28-year-old resident of Września and he came to the disco in Mieleszyn. The circumstances of this tragic incident are being investigated.

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