A moving funeral of victims from Darłówek. Pope Francis has expressed sympathy

The funeral of Kacper, Kamil and Zuzanna, three children who drowned tragically in Darłówko on the Baltic Sea, moved in a moving mood. Each of the inhabitants of Sulmierzyce (Greater Poland Voivodeship) had a white rose or a bouquet. Father Pope Francis has made the family grateful.

– Parents, we will not leave you alone. Sulmierzyce citizens are with you, students of the school, our entire Christian community – said during the funeral service of the parish priest of the local parish. He emphasized that moving letters of support and condolences came to the parish from all over Poland. Even Pope Francis sent regret. For a long time a list was read of people who had ordered a mass for the deceased. They are neighbors, residents, a colleague who died with their family, one of the senators and ordinary Poles, shocked by the tragedy.

Funeral ceremonies took place in a moving mood. The inhabitants of the city filled the church one hour before the funeral. The rosary was said and religious songs were put in the spotlight by the parish choir. School and fire brigade sent flagships. Almost every one of the arrivals brought a white rose or a bouquet of flowers.

The most moving memory of the deceased was given by the catechist, priest. Sebastian. – I have the latest Kacper study in religion here. I will read them: Jesus is a role model for me, he learns that good evil overcomes – said the priest. He tried to comfort the family and quoted the words of John Paul II that death is only a transition to a further spiritual path to God. He also spoke to fellow children who died. – The new school year and the first call would not be. Three of our loved ones have ended their lives. Remember, however, that we will all meet at the same time, & # 39; said the priest.

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Citizens of Sulmierzyce still can not process the tragedy as happened during the holidays. On August 14, the 14 and 13-year-olds and their 11-year-old sister in Darłówko bathed in the sea under the care of their mother. Before hours 15 the woman left them to the youngest, 2-year-old child. When she came back, teenagers were gone. On the same day rescue workers 14-year-old rescue from the sea. Reanimation proved effective, but the boy died in the hospital in Koszalin. The remaining two brothers and sisters were found in the following days.

The Mayor of Sulmierzyce, Dariusz Dębicki announced the day of mourning on Friday. He asked to put a flag on the buildings with a gun. Cancellation of all entertainment, cultural, recreational and sporting events. It also happened, all were decorated with white and red flags.

The funeral procession, which traveled from church to cemetery, counted a few hundred people. He was accompanied by the fire brigade and school students. Those of the residents who did not come massively during the passage of the mourners went into the streets. The police stopped traffic on the main road.

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