A new idea from Rafał Trzaskowski. Internet users are merciless

– Today we opened the campaign "Open doors for Warsaw". We will have a conversation in Warsaw residents, if you invite us, invite you for meetings. We also continue the campaign "18 districts – a Warsaw" – said Trzaskowski. He added that he will present a program for individual districts in Warsaw within his framework.

After the conference, Trzaskowski and PO activists visited several apartments in Ursynów. There was a bizarre situation during one. The resident asked the candidate for the mayor of Warsaw for help at the broken door. What was her surprise when he stuck it with tape.

Internet users had no mercy for Trzaskowski. "But he spartolił! After all, this glass can even kill her …" – one of them wrote.

Heheszkom has no end.

It is getting stronger in Warsaw. There is a "but"

What kind of powerful "ally" does he have? He beats Trzaskowski on the head

Author: EK, PAP

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