A protest on TVP Info. Meeting of Modern Piotr Misióo in a substantial T-shirt | politics

MP Piotr Misióo was a guest on the program "Minę³a 20" on TVP Info. He told TVP in Szczecin. Even before the program, he praised his Twitter photo of the T-shirt in which he intends to appear. After a while it appeared in the air.

"CONSTRUCTION" on T-shirts

Recall: T-shirts with the inscription "Konsitutia" form part of the COD opposition campaign. Throughout Poland, the action of setting up similar t-shirts and banners for monuments is under way. It began after Andrzej Duda signed changes, including in the law on the Supreme Court.

A dispute in the TVP info studio

For most of the TVP Info program, he ignored Miśła's clothing, but at the end of it he began to wear it. – Is it fair to be in a bargain with the word & # 39; constitution & # 39; and threatening people who have reported to the Supreme Court? Lord, I know, this is an article, people will be polished, a Polish MP does such things? – said the host Adrian Klarenbach.

– The law on the Supreme Court is unconstitutional. There is no doubt, "replied Misióo, the MPski of Modern was also talking about" bullying the Constitutional Tribunal "and the National Court Register.

– Lord, I ask you not to be angry, but what you do is cheap demagogy – he interrupted Klarenbach and said that the MP "has no right to convince you to emphasize." In the background, the sound of the mission sounded, saying: "TVP is lying and manipulating the program. "

& # 39; I have time and will, but as far as the law is concerned, I can read it." This is how the voters were elected to the Supreme Court

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