A senior man will look after him when he stands under the tree. He will beat him and freeze his legs

A few days ago, a staff officer from the police station in Czstochowa will be asked to intervene in the square in Focha Street. Determining the lawsuit, the 62-year-old was attacked because he would draw the attention of the modem to avoid his physiological need under the tree.

The 22-year-old is in a fury. Bi and kick the victim around the body. Fortunately, they responded to random witnesses who had turned off the aggressor and asked for help. The 62-year-old was transported to the hospital and the aggressor to the police cell. The detainee had nearly three per mille alcohol in the body.

After anger, he was taken to the district of the attorney of Czstochowa-Pnoc, where he was charged with bodily injury. The public prosecutor applies him a preventive measure in the form of supervision.

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