A silver tray for older drivers. A good idea?

The Marshal's Office of the Śląskie Voivodship will, at an older age, hand out to motorists the stamps of a silver sheet – to stick on the windshield of the car – on the model of a green leaf that has been known for years, with which novice drivers.

It is about reducing the number of accidents and making the seniors feel more confident about driving – explain the representatives of the regional authorities and the Silesian police. The action that is just beginning is another initiative in connection with the Śląskie dla Seniora program carried out by the Śląskie Voivodeship.

"This initiative was born as a result of conversations with seniors We often see older people who have a problem on their way It is worth it to label cars with such stickers because they see them, some people will wondering whether reacting with aggression or better to be patient or helping older people We do not always have to say goodbye to the car, so we want to train seniors and train them because they are full-fledged road users "- said the Marshal of the province. Śląski Wojciech Saługa.

"Silver leaf" is a reference to the green stamps that are popular among young drivers. Car emblems on the windshield that tell us that we are dealing with an inexperienced driver and it is worth it to be careful. In response to the demand from the elderly, Śląskie wants to promote the silver leaf and encourages older people to stick them on the windows of their vehicles.

Stamps from the campaign "Zilverblad" will be distributed during events organized by the Marshal Office and by the provincial traffic and police centers.

"Every health, every saved life on the road is the goal of our work, so this action has full police support, each of us will be older and weaker reflexes or a weaker look does not exclude us from active participation in road traffic, but they can have the reaction time is longer, so it is worth waiting patiently and avoid a dangerous event in this way "- stressed asp. Tomasz Bratek of the traffic department of the headquarters of the provincial police in Katowice.

Piotr Lipa from Goczałkowice-Zdrój, who passed the driving test at the age of 88, has determined that this is a very good initiative and he will certainly glue an emblem with a silver leaf on the glass. "I walk in an orchard and the car is necessary for me to work, so I can not imagine my life without a car." When I lost my driving license, I almost had to learn to drive all over again, but I think it's worth it to be safe on the road, and such actions will certainly help "- said Lipa.

The organizers of the campaign want to persuade them to take part in the action of the city and the commune and shopping centers to separate parking spaces for seniors from cars marked with a silver leaf on the parking lots.

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