A family tragedy in Gdansk. In the nocturnal fire of a detached house in ul. Two boys aged 3 and 8 died in the cadets. Their mother managed to escape through the window with the youngest child of a year old.

As the journalist of RMF FM Michał Dobrołowicz established, a woman and her one-year-old child were admitted to the hospital for observation only – their life and health are not a threat to happiness.

The psychological condition of a woman is very serious.

She managed to escape from the burning building alone – she raised her one-year-old child by jumping out of the window.

After the extinguishing operation, the police inspected the fire of the inspectorate under the supervision of the public prosecutor. Forensic technician made secure traces and made photographic documentation. A court expert in the field of firefighting was also appointed, who will determine the place and cause of the emergence and spread of the fire.

In the case of the tragedy, a procedure has already started.