Action Znicz. The police concludes

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The last day of the action

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Police informs about "Znicz" statistics sharing

On roads throughout the country until November 4, the "Znicz" action takes until 10 pm. Thousands of police officers from the traffic department monitor safety and are supported by other officers. In spite of this, according to the head office of the national police, on Wednesday even 45 people died of accidents on the Polish roads.

The police action "Znicz" on the roads runs from October 31 – from 6 am to November 4 – until 2 pm ". The largest number of patrols can be expected on the outbound routes of the largest cities and in the vicinity of cemeteries.

5,000 police officers involved

The police headquarters summarized the fourth day of the campaign. Sub-commissioner Robert Opas of the press team of KGP said on Sunday that from October 10 to November 3, 1030 drunken drivers were stopped by police officers.

Opas has also provided statistics on accidents. – The preliminary data show that on Saturday, November 3, 82 accidents occurred in which 113 people were injured and 14 people were killed – he said. This means that from the beginning of the "Znicz" action, ie from Wednesday, there were 353 accidents across the country, killing 45 people and causing 427 people to be seriously injured.

As part of the "Znicz" campaign, around 5,000 street police officers and other border guard officers, the military police and ITD are monitoring road safety. The headquarters of the national police can not yet indicate how many checks have been carried out so far.

The police calls the drivers to pay special attention to pedestrians who are hardly visible on the road.

According to KGP data, during the "Znicz" action of the past year from 27 October to 1 November, there were 478 accidents in which 43 people were killed and 551 seriously injured. The police arrested 1240 drivers under the influence of alcohol.

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Source: tvn24, PAP

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The last day of the action "Znicz".
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