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AIR SHOW This is the biggest air show in Poland. This year the 16th edition has a special character because of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the formation of Polish military aviation. Therefore, the special guest will be Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak, who will inaugurate the event.

Organizers of events must be prepared for all weather conditions, including one that will prevent an air show. – We are prepared for all possible situations – said Lieutenant Ewa Złotnicka of the AIR SHOW press department at In case of bad weather, the pilots are prepared for flights at different levels and in different circumstances, and when the bad weather does not put them in would allow us to fly, we have a very rich static exhibition on earth – the spokeswoman added.

A demonstration of the Baltic Bees group during the Air Show in Radom in 2017
A demonstration of the Baltic Bees group during the Air Show in Radom in 2017

In addition to shows in the air, on the ground, you can admire the exhibition of equipment that still has the equipment of the armed forces and the exhibition of the aerospace and defense industries. – The show will be continued continuously, regardless of the weather. – emphasized the spokeswoman.

The first Air Show was held in 1991 in Poznań Ławica in Święto Lotnictwa. In 2000 international air shows were moved to Radom. Every year, Air Show in this city is gaining more and more a reputation among domestic and foreign aviation fans. In record-breaking XIII edition, in 2013, about 180,000 participated. viewers.

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