Alderman Szczerba stayed a month ago. Suddenly he ran to Dutkiewicz and made a show of it

As we have already indicated, two meetings of four members of the National Council of the Judiciary were started today, the task of which is to prepare for the handling by the national court of 200 applications for 44 positions of the judges of the Supreme Court. The next two teams will start work on Wednesday. The first teams that listened to candidates for the Disciplinary Chamber and the Extraordinary Audit started working, with the largest number of applications. Behind the scenes of the hearings of the candidates one of them revealed, lawyer Sławomir Zdunek. "Questions for candidates for judges of the Supreme Court were substantive, with no political undertones," he said. What are the representatives of the "Iustitia" association that have threatened public opinion with the whole procedure?

– The conversation is substantive, there are no questions about who is the first president of the Supreme Court, which in my opinion is very elegant and on the spot – said Sławomir Zdunek, a candidate for the Chamber of extraordinary control and public affairs.

The lawyer informed about the entire procedure:

– The questions related only to the merits – extraordinary complaints and the remaining scope of the work of the chamber for which I am a candidate. We talked about my candidacy, why I want to flee, why not, and not to another room. The whole conversation was of a meritorious nature, there were no questions about the political subtext, no constitutional changes, which probably for all of us in this room – at least for the time being, until they are moved – are constitutional. There were no political questions, he explained.

According to his report, the conversation lasted about 15 minutes.

– Despite the short conversation she was really very factual, concrete and concise. I am very positive and pleasantly surprised by the conversation with the recruited judge-president Wiesław Johann – he told the candidate for the Supreme Court and public affairs of the Supreme Court.

Asked by the journalists about the legality of the recruitment procedure before the Supreme Court, he emphasized that, in his opinion, there was no doubt about it.

– We as candidates have taken such a decision and apparently we have decided that this is a legal procedure. I was accused by the District Bar Council that I am trying to destabilize the constitutional order by legalizing with his candidacy what happens during changes in the legal system. I do not think so at all. I believe that as long as this order has not been moved at national or EU level, it is still in force and everyone has to acknowledge it. Of course we can all have private advice as proponents, legal advisers or even judges, although in the case of the latter I think they should not interfere with politics, especially at such moments – he said.

Remember that the Regional Bar Association in Warsaw received a request in early August to institute disciplinary proceedings against eight lawyers who apply for the function of the Supreme Court. The application was filed by Marcin Smoczyński, lawyer. The motivation of the application states that according to the regulations every lawyer is obliged to contribute to the strengthening of the rule of law in Poland.

"This order was drastically violated by constitutional laws pertaining to the National Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court, and those who submit their applications to the Supreme Court on the basis of these laws actively participate in the dismantling of the rule of law in Poland. be removed from the bar "- we read in the explanation of the application.

Referring to such a position, Advocate Zdunek clearly emphasized that a certain direction of change must be "set, start and then only correct possible errors".

– The fact that this happens so quickly in such an atmosphere is, in my opinion, not only the fault of the government, but also those who in one way or another have had an influence on the fact that these changes take place in such a form and not in another form. What worries me the most is the position of the judiciary, who can not interfere with politics to defend his own affairs – he said.

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