An accident in Boreczno near Iława, the car hit the child

The Warmi-Masurian police said that the child was traveling with his mother and grandmother along the poviat road in Boreczno near Iława. Suddenly he suddenly ran up the road, right under the approaching car. As a result of the five-year retirement, he suffered head injuries. In a serious condition he was transported by helicopter to a children's hospital in Olsztyn.

He was also injured by a 30-year-old driver who drove into a verge tree in an effort to avoid the deduction. According to the police, the driver managed to pass the boy, but the car bounced against the tree and then struck the child that was near the spot.

– There was no direct deduction, just to leave after a car hit the tree. I have to admit that with such a strange event I'm speaking for the first time in seven years of police service, "said Sgt headquarters Szymon Wagner from the district office in Iława.

He added that when investigating the circumstances of the accident, the police would also check whether the supervision of the five-year-old from the accompanying mother and grandmother was correct. Both boys' sitters were sober. From the stories of the witnesses and the driver it appears that the boy was holding the hand of her grandmother, but he broke loose and ran on the road straight to the oncoming car.

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