An affair with the PiS candidate for the Children's Ombudsman. "Tygodnik Powszechny": plagiarized texts politically

Three people will apply for the position of the Children's Rights Ombudsman. At the moment, the spokesman Marek Michalak, whose term expires at the end of August.

PO, Nowoczesna and PSL support the candidacy of Ewa Jaros, who has been the social adviser of the current Children's Ombudsman for the past eight years. The Kukiz & # 39; 15 group is in turn in favor of Paweł Kukiz-Szczucinski. He is a pediatrician and psychiatrist. He is a member of the rescue team of the Polish Center for International Aid, a participant in humanitarian missions.

Piła, Sabina & # 39; s representative, Lucyna Zalewska, is presented as a family psychologist, social educator and family mediator. He works at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. And it is the Zalewska candidacy that arouses the greatest interest.

"TP": Sabina Zalewska is a plagiarism

As we read in the last issue of "Tygodnik Powszechny", Zalewska has copied many fragments from the texts of other authors in her scholarly works, often not as quotes. And that means plagiarism.

Journalists from "TP" determined, among other things, that a fragment of the Zalewska text "Between the Rights of the Child and the Pajdocracy" coincides with another publication, of which the author is Wanda Papugowa. The same applies to the article Help as a special dialogue of an educator and student in the pedagogy of Father Jan Bosko & # 39 ;, which contains excerpts from the texts of four different authors, without footnotes and without quotes.

"TP" also gives another example – a publication entitled "Parent in the role of mediator".

"Published on the Internet as PDF, the version of this text has a volume of 10.5 pages, of which about 10 pages are plagiarized. Zalewska, creating or constructing in the article are three texts used that published on the internet, & # 39; reads the weekly magazine Zalewska, as Tygodnik Powszechny claims, also had to copy the text that was placed on the portal, where students place their work.

Sabina Zalewska did not respond to requests from the editor for a comment.

Controversies around Sabina Zalewska also waited a few weeks in vain for Sabina Zalewska's remark, but in another matter. In early August we wrote about the aforementioned text "Between the Rights of the Child and the Praise, Reflection on the Charter of the Rights of the Child".

The candidate for the RPD wrote in 2013 that pajdokracja (according to the PWN is "overestimated the needs of children with simultaneous reduction of the demands made to them") leads "to bring children into legal protection, which protects them from the alleged threat despotism "parents. "

Hence the multiplication of the child abuse campaign by caregivers and the consequent need to create various functions, such as the Children's Rights Ombudsman, and increasingly effective legal protection of the will of children and young people against attempts to impose their will on their parents; prohibition of physical punishment for disobedience, which applies in many Western countries

– we read in the text of Zalewska.

To request a comment that we have heard at the UKSW office, Sabina Zalewska will not comment on the candidacy for the Ombudsman for Children. So far she has appeared as an expert in programs including TVP and TV Republika.

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