And this again … Walesa knows what a real accident is for Poland

Lech Walesa told his discovery during the briefing today that "sustainable power" was a real disaster for the country. "The whole world that once admired us, laughs at Poland and wonders what is happening to him," he said while at the same time praising: "I am a wise ordinary wisdom, a strong common force."

The Wałęsa press conference was preceded by the first part of the "Free elections – citizen involvement" conference in which they participate, including politicians and people from culture.

Walesa, during a meeting with journalists, was asked how he intended to persuade Poles to check the elections.

"There are such good and wise people in this group (conference attendees) that they will find methods, but I will support them and throw them if I think something sensible, but I count on this wisdom."

– he said. "I am a wise general wisdom, strong common force" – he added.

Asked whether it is really necessary to control the course of the elections, he judged that "this force will noticeably be misled".

"I got to know them, I've known them for a long time, they've done a coup in my time, and now they've managed (trot it) democratically, and that's why they'll do their best to keep all their defend points because it hurts Poland "

– said Wałęsa. In his opinion, "the continuation of this power is a proportional setback for the country."

Asked, in turn, where exactly control will be needed, Walesa replied: "there are people who know themselves more than me and see where and how they cheat." "And here this wisdom will find points that will be particularly important to look at" – he emphasized.

Journalists also asked about the current PiS convention. Asked about what he expects after this meeting, Walesa answered: "Nothing."

"This force must be thrown away. (…) The whole world laughs at us once he admires us, and today he wonders what happens to this Poland."

– said Walesa and added that "Therefore, after all these people, nothing sensible could be expected."

Walesa, who also spoke at the conference, called on his participants to "defend Polish development and Polish democracy".

He spoke critically, not only about the current power in office, but also about the speaker, the elderly Kornel Morawiecki.

"Mr. Morawiecki, you must be tried for the betrayal of Solidarity. (…) When we have the hardest time, the Lord calls for Solidarity fights." What did you call this? To break us, to destroy our victory. "

– said Wałęsa.

He noted, however, that his environment also made a mistake because he did not openly talk to the nation, which must be done today & # 39 ;. "Therefore, I ask you, we must regain free Poland, democratically, with threefold power." We had brought Soviet troops out, liberated Europe, and when it came to government, we were tired and gave the populists, demagogues, frivolous people "- he appealed and judged that you" must engage in a direct confrontation "and that" old combat methods are not effective for today ".

Walesa also wondered whether the rulers at this time, "these are traitors to the homeland or fools of the homeland, because otherwise you can not understand."

"Our grandchildren will not forgive us if we continue to let our group of irresponsible, frivolous, sick people continue to rule (…) I will give everything and I ask you, we have to regain Poland's freedom, freedom and wise governance"

– He pointed. "We can do it," he concluded

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Source:, PAP

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