Barbara Nowacka joins the PO and Modern Politics at the Polish initiative

Return to the center to stop the PiS

Officially, Barbara Nowacka denies that the agreement has already taken place. He confirms, however, that he has been holding talks with Grzegorz Schetyna for months and that thanks to the IP's accession to the coalition, her environment will be able to count on mandates in city councils and municipal councils.

– Today everything must be done so that the PiS does not win local elections and any agreement that leads to it is wise – says Nowacka, who does not hide the left frustration. In her view, only the real left coalition took place in Poznań, where SLD and the Razem party supported the candidate from the Polish initiative Tomasz Lewandowski. In other places leftist groups were unable to overcome mutual animosities. – I think it's bad and stupid, but I accepted that Czagerny and Zandberg can never get along with each other – he adds. "And why do you want to get along with Schetyna?" – I ask. – Everything must be done in such a way that the left-hand programs are also implemented in the Sejm. You have to stop the PiS and pursue a left-wing policy that matches the odds, "says Nowacka, and her answer sounds like the justification for setting up a big anti-CSP coalition.

Although there were several rumors in the political lobby, one thing is certain. Nowacka is not interested in participating in the European Parliament. He believes that the future of Poland will take place in the parliament in Warsaw, not in Strasbourg, and that is why it intends to take part in the Sejm. For now, he admits in conversation with us that one of the effects of conversations with Schetyna is the place for Dariusz Joński on the list of the Citizens' Coalition to the Provincial Parliament in the district Zgierz-Kutno. However, there is still a lack of official communication in this matter, because local PO structures raise their concerns, they are not even in the first place for the Nowacka man. However, there may be more places on the Citizens' Coalition lists for IP activists.

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PO: places waiting on the lists

– The platform can expand the candidate lists on the left – says Newsweek one of the prominent PO politicians. It is also a message with which Nowacka will come to the board of the Polish initiative on Saturday, offer her colleagues a strategy change and say goodbye to the dreams of a left-center block in favor of an alliance with liberals who do not hide that they are interested in the coalition.

We are confirmed by Schetyna-Nowacka talks with PO spokesman Jan Grabiec. – We are interested in long-term cooperation with Barbara Nowacka. Grzegorz Schetyna wants the broadest possible agreement between Nowacka and Ujazdowski, from left to right-right – says Grabiec. – Even if there are significant program differences related to world views or economic issues, they can only be resolved when the rules of the democratic state are restored – the spokesperson for the PO adds that, for many conservative politicians and voters of the Platform, the name Nowacka may also work cloth for a bull. In the same way, the alliance with PO and Nowoczesna works with many members of the Polish initiative who have tied their entire political life to leftist movements.

Split into IP?

– The team counts and the possibility to run the program in politics – repeated Barbara Nowacka in conversation with me, knowing that her proposal will be received with the rejection of many activists. According to our information, the strategy of Nowacka is criticized by the members of the IP board: Tomasz Lewandowski from Poznań, Vice Mayor of Warsaw Bielany Grzegorz Pietruczuk and Warsaw Councilor Paulina Piechna-Więckiewicz.

– I am in favor of two formed electoral blocks: a conservative-liberal, the other center-left – says Newsweek "Piechna-Więckiewicz, not to hide that it excludes a coalition of the PO, as well as many Warsaw activists involved In the Jan Śpiewak campaign, Nowacka still did not support him, because when she said "Newsweek" she expected that the left-wing candidate Piechna-Więckiewicz or Adrian Zandberg would be from the Razem party, while Nowacka tells us "they chose a politically safe solution by exposing someone else." – Jan Śpiewak did not hide his talks with Kukirazovts, including nationalists – it is her opinion about the candidate, supported by the party Razem, Zieloni and Inicjatywa Polska , who is still in the foreground, yet Nowacka emphasizes that she has not yet decided on who she will vote for in the first round, for what the other is already certain.

A voice for Trzaskowski

Barbara Nowacka can talk to journalists. She is extremely conservative in our conversation. He thinks of every word, he knows that a false start with the Civic Coalition can ruin his credibility on the left. However, there is one subject that he speaks openly and with passion. This is the candidacy of Rafał Trzaskowski, who he finds a good candidate for the mayor of Warsaw. – I have no doubt that I will vote for him in the second round – he says with a certain voice. – I do not understand the media raids on Rafał Trzaskowski – he adds to attack the PiS candidate immediately. – These lusts about Mr. Jakim are completely incomprehensible. The man confuses the election place Warsaw in Prague and Czech, and everyone says: "What a professional campaign he has!". He goes to Sofia, where the metro is rather badly organized. I drove it a year and a half ago and I remembered it because it was in bad condition, dirty, neglected. I thought then that Warsaw was, but the subway is cool. And what a campaign will be there! And everyone says it is so professional – says Nowacka.

However, he has much more to say about the campaign in Warsaw: – It turned out that Jaki did not pay taxes in Warsaw and did not even prepare a good explanation for himself. Around him are very strange people, he drives a limousine of the government and explains that he pays the money back for the driver, but he does not want to present bills and everyone says that this is a good campaign! I do not understand it at all! – head of the Polish initiative against Newsweek.

Given that Nowacka is very critical of Patryk Jakiego and the way in which the media report the PO campaign, it is difficult to imagine that the IP leader did not stand next to Trzaskowski before the first round and supported him. At the moment, however, both parties deny this, not spared for the same compliments. – Barbara Nowacka with her experience, charisma, energy and social sensitivity contributes from the outset to strengthening joint actions of the opposition to defend democracy – says Rafał Trzaskowski against Newsweek.

Schetyna instead of Biedronia

Until recently, Nowacka was associated with another politician. For years she worked with Robert Biedron, the president of Słupsk, who all indicates that he will announce the construction of a new political movement within a few days. Nowacka had to be his face just after Biedron. But unlike the president, she decided not to make a political tour through Poland. – Apart from my personal preference for Robert, I do not know what he would like to offer – he says "Newsweek" and adds that popularity alone is not enough for success in politics. In this connection she looks like the good opinion polls of Jolanta Kwaśniewska, whom she often saw as a candidate after the end of her husband's presidency.

– I do not know what Robert will suggest in his movement in economic and social matters. I do not know how much he wants to talk about freedom in the field of equality between women and the right to abortion. This is not a question about his personal views, but about the strategy he will adopt – says Nowacka, who confesses that she is not following or is interested in Biedronia's plans today.

It is very different from her IP friends. – I will always stay closer to Biedronia than to Schetyna – Paulina Piechna-Więckiewicz tells Newsweek. Grzegorz Pietruczuk organized a big meeting in Bielany in mid-June. – When Baśka goes to PO, Robert becomes the last hope of the left – tells one of the members of the Initiative.

In contrast to the appearance, it can be a comfortable situation for both. And an extremely interesting clash for the public when Warsaw faced each other in the Sejm elections: Robert Biedron and Barbara Nowacka, two left-wing politicians who left the government three years ago without going to parliament.

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