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Recall: Kamil Zaradkiewicz he received after the second approach a positive recommendation from the National Council for the Judiciary for the position of a judge at the Supreme Court. Although against
she was strongly opposed to this candidacy Krystyna Pawłowicz.
Minister of Justice defended her Zbigniew Ziobro.

Pawłowicz pointed out that Zaradkiewicz had repeatedly supported the possibility
recognition of relationships of persons as a marriage the same sex. According to the MP such a view is unacceptable at the SN judge. At the first vote Zaradkiewicz was not recommended by
lack of the right majority.

Zaradkiewicz was defended by the Minister of Justice who came
at the meeting of the national court register. – I give faith to man. With deeds he expressed his willingness to be ready
expose influential circles and change your views consistently
later she defends
– Ziobro said that Zaradkiewicz repeatedly gave
proof of your courage. And this voice apparently had the upper hand, because the candidate obtained the requisite in the second vote majority of votes.

Emotions were still, however. Patryk Jakiapparently because he wanted to support his boss, he wrote on Twitter: "Prof. Zaradkiewicz is a great employee and a very good lawyer, the Verification Committee is also his success, I am ashamed of what happened today during the meeting of the National Court Register through Prof. Pawłowicz. for sexual orientation or views".

In an interview with the portal, Krystyna Pawłowicz concludes speculations about the alleged fight that had to occur between her and Zbigniew Ziobro. – It was done discussion about opinions candidate, not the candidate himself, as some people already claim. There was no argument for any quarrel – she emphasized. – We also exchanged ideas with the Minister on this subject during the break. We only agreed with the Minister in a doctrinal dispute. Mr Zaradkiewicz received the most negative votes, but I do not intend to warm up the atmosphere and I will not comment on this.

The whole situation was requested on the TOK.FM radio Maciej Mitera, spokesman for the Council: Why after the visit of the public prosecutor Ziobry
the meeting of the new National Court Register, the body set up by PiS, accepted the candidature of Kamil Zaradkiewicz, although it had been lost at the first vote?

he argued that there was no pressure from the public prosecutor
general and the new national register "she changed her mind"- How
the personality of Minister Ziobra would influence the decision of the members of the Council? –
Maciej Mitera wondered aloud.

– Is it correct that the MP Krystyna Pawłowicz
did she ask Kamil Zaradkiewicz about his sexual orientation? – Another question was asked. According to the spokesman for the new KRS of Tweeta Patryk Jakiego it seems that member Pawłowicz
she asked the candidate for the SN about this.

KRS spoke about the scenes of the meeting Tomasz Rzymkowski, Member Kukiz & # 39; 15. – I do not understand why the candidacy for the Supreme Court was rejected Prof. Piotr Zakrzewskia teacher at the KUL, a big citizen and a man who I really appreciate because he is crystal honest. The perfect person for this role. Instead of him, a person was chosen with a small advantage in the Civil Chamber
she will, among other things, deal with family affairs
– said Rzymkowski to the portal And he also remembered prof. Zaradkiewicz, articles in which he claims the recipe
Art. 18 of the Constitution does not close the way to the introduction of trade unions
sex in Poland.

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