Boosters like drugs! The changes in the law triggered a new phase in the fight against hazardous substances –

Regulation of the portal of the portal

1) The forum may not post comments that:

– promote deviant behavior, in violation of the natural law;

– insult the Catholic faith and the Catholic Church;

– contains blasphemy (Article 3 of the Polish language law of 7 October 1999);

– contain information that evokes unproven accusations of other persons (Article 23 of the Civil Code);

– they contribute to the violation of copyright (Copyright and related rights law of 4 February 1994);

– contains links and addresses to websites, personal details, contact details or e-mail addresses

– they are ads or spam (they have nothing to do with the comment article)

– they are direct, violent attacks on interlocutors or they argue for aggression against them

– they are inappropriate in the context of information about the death of a public or private person

– contain comments addressed to the editors of (for the latter we are very grateful, but please contact us via e-mail, only then can we be sure that they reach those who are responsible for the content of the site).

2) Any comments that conflict with point 1 of these regulations will be removed by the moderator

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