Boots in the presbytery presume to raise the problem of pedophilia in the church

GOn Sunday you go to church and see your children's shoes hanging on the fence, do not think this is a promotional campaign for a local shoe store. In this way, the organizers of the "Baby Shoes Remember" campaign want to draw attention to the problem of pedophilia among priests.

Imagine such a scene – you go to church, meet God and the neighbors in the temple, until you get to the gate that separates the rectory, you see dozens of children's shoes on it. No, it is not a pampering, no sale or installation of some crazy artist. These shoes will not accidentally hang on Sunday.

The action was born in Ireland and this Sunday will be moved to Poland. Children's shoes should attract attention and force you to think about the problem of pedophilia in the church.

– The Warsaw section of the event & # 39; Baby Shoes Remember & # 39; is meant to commemorate all victims of priests – pedophiles. In particular, the majority who never got justice – explains one of the organizers of the action in an interview with TOK FM, Nina Sankari of the atheist Fundacja im. Kazimierz Łyszczyński

Together with the Foundation "Do not be afraid" to defend the victims of pedophilia in the Polish church, the foundation wants to remind the victims of pedophile priests next Sunday. – We hang children's belts with a black ribbon on the property of the church. Participants are asked to take photos and place them on the event site – explains Sankari.

– It is also an action to protest against further attempts to hide the terrible practices of child abuse, violence against them in the institution of the Church – adds the organizer of the protest.

source: TOK FM

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