But it's a handyman! Trzaskowski repairs the door with tape [WIDEO]

Rafał Trzaskowski, the presidential candidate of the capital Warsaw, decided to show off his skills. As part of the "Open Door For Warsaw" campaign, Trzaskowski stuck the broken door … with adhesive tape.

The campaign of Rafał Trzaskowski went the best of the ground. The platform and the modern candidate came to an old lady who broke the door. Trzaskowski decided to show his DIY skills …

Trzaskowski quickly came into action. In his heroic action, he decided to seal the broken door with tape.

There was no end to the emotions. "That should be the President of Warsaw "- you could hear sublime voices.

Is not this the ideal candidate for the mayor of Warsaw?

See the tasteless video:

Internacui saw the professionalism of Trzaskowski:

Source: twitter.com/niezalezna.pl

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