Bydgoszcz: the police are looking for two young men who are suspected of defeating a 16-year-old

The incident took place on July 20 in the evening. The two wanted on board 20.20 to bus line 58, which went from Janów to Rondo Grunwaldzki. Already they began to address a young boy who was accompanied by six girls. They beat him later, in the Rondo gallery in the heart of Bydgoszcz on ul. Kruszwicka 1. This happened at 20.40 on the terrace, near McDonald's restaurants.

The case went to the uniforms from Błonie. For one month they did not find the alleged perpetrators of the beating. That is why they now have their photos. Officers count on the residents of Bydgoszcz and the surrounding area to help them capture the suspects so they can be presented with possible allegations.

"People who know the personalities of men seen on the next recording and photos, or in possession of any information that may be related to this issue, are asked to contact personal police officers Bydgoszcz -Błonie on Broniewskiego 12 or on telephone number 52 588 13 59 or on the emergency number 112 "- we read in the police notice.

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