Car burn in Rybnik: The burnt boy is still unconscious. The causes of the fire are known

Car burn in Rybnik

The dramatic event took place last Thursday at about 7 o'clock. Cadets in Rybnik, a fire broke out. A small child was inside. The 3-year-old father saved them.


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– The police officers arrived for other services. At the burning fair, they found the victims, a father with a three-year-old son.

They both had burns. Uniforms helped them, organized water that was used to burn the boy's body. The fire brigade and ambulance services have also arrived. Firefighters extinguish the burning car and the helicopter of the air ambulance brought the child to the hospital in Katowice. The 41-year-old father was taken to the hospital with an ambulance. Preliminary findings indicate that the fire suddenly occurred when the child was just in the vehicle. Father left the car for a moment and then he noticed that the burning car was running to save his son. A determined man, who ignored the mighty fire, took the 3-year-old out of the car and helped him. The police officers secured the wreck of the vehicle – reported the staff sergeant Dariusz Jaroszewski from the Rybnik police.

Car burn: why is it turned on?

According to the preliminary findings of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rybnik, the source of the fire was a leaking fuel pipe near the catalyst – says Jaroszewski.

He denies that the reason for the appearance of the fire was a faulty LPG installation (as previously suspected by firefighters).

He adds that the civic Honda engine was off.

Worrying is the fact that almost no one wanted to help the victims despite the fact that there were many spectators on the spot. Some people have recorded the tragedy with a telephone instead of offering a helping hand. We call on residents to help in such cases. Helping is our social responsibility – says Jaroszewski.

They fight for the health of the child

Meanwhile, in the Upper Silesian Children & # 39; s Health Center, Saint. John Paul II in the doctors of Katowice fight for the health of a 3-year-old boy. He has burns on the surface of half of his body.

– Doctors assess the condition of a very serious child. Before an operation of skin grafting takes place, you must do this

first stabilize the health of the child – he says Wojciech Gumułka, spokesman for the Upper Silesian Children's Health Center John Paul II in Katowice.


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