"Cast-back, treating certain groups as particularly privileged is a fact, and it should be the other way around."

Castiness, the treatment of certain groups as particularly privileged people, is a fact. And it should be the other way around, because here it is about the elite, about people who are fully aware of the evil they are doing. They have to be treated even more heavily than ordinary citizens

says Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Attorney General in an interview with Jacek Karnowski in the last issue of the weekly magazine "Sieci". READ MORE: There will be no holy cows! Minister Ziobro in the last "Network": elites must be treated more strictly than ordinary citizens

. Jacek Karnowski raises the issue of justly judging elite representatives. He points out that the problem of applying a reduced rate to a person known or having influence – in particular, who performs important functions in the judiciary ¬ – goes beyond the limits of our sense of justice.

For example, when one of them – as it happened in Szczecin – stole parts for the exercise in the supermarket, and the Supreme Court stated that this man could still judge. In other words, the judge caught in brutal thieves in the eyes of his colleagues does not lose their impeccability. And it's not about the value of these parts for the exercise, but about the moral condition of such a person. There are more such cases. Another time, the Supreme Court decided that a judge photographed by a speed camera had the right to lie that he was not the one who controlled the car. Recently, even a judge who was convicted of corruption was released by the Supreme Court

said Minister Zbigniew Ziobro in a weekly "Sieci".

Asked for comments on judgments, which officially claim that these are few, rare cases, the minister indicates that unfortunately these are not individual situations:

They can be counted longer. Anyway, only now is the judge, the president of one of the civilian divisions in the Supreme Court, who was registered nine years ago as part of the corrupt CBA under the guidance of the CBA, busy preparing an effective cassation for a of the parties to the proceedings that the Supreme Court had to deal with (…

When we look at the issue of protection that judges apply to fellow professionals, Karnowski asks what the situation looks like for prosecutors.

Such cases happen The murder of two children by a foster family is known The prosecutor who committed the death of the first child ignored many obvious signs that it was a crime, so he died the second child, a girl who died as a result of a brutal murder, did not occur.To my surprise, the prosecutor's office stated in the first and second instance that prosecutors n had committed a single mistake in this case. In this case, I had to file a cassation in the acquittal of acquaintances by colleague colleagues. Professionalism, self-protection, also visible in other professional companies, even medical, is a big problem

Conversation with Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro in the latest issue of "Net", for sale from August 20, 2018, also in the form of -wydania.

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