Children's shoes on the walls of the church. Poland commemorates the victims of the priests of pedophiles

The Baby Shoes Remember campaign was born in Ireland, where in 2010 a thousand pairs of children's shoes with black funeral ribbons hung from the Dublin Prokatedra gate. "Behind this name is the idea that the victims of the Catholic Church will never forget the horrors they experienced during their childhood" – explain the authors. Similar actions must ensure that the church will "never forget". That is why children's shoes are hung on church fences, doors of temples and other similar places.

– It is about creating a symbol that is a link between all demonstrators and struggles with the worldwide exploitation of children and to hide this by the Catholic Church – explains Will Hamilton, one of the organizers of the action. This year's edition of Baby Shoes Remember coincides with the uncomfortable visit of Pope Francis in Ireland, where the revelation of pedophile crimes has shocked public opinion. During the pilgrimage, Franciszek asked for forgiveness of scandals and betrayal & # 39; who met with victims of sexual violence in the Church.

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