Citizens of the Republic of Poland have blocked access to the register of the national court. The police removed the demonstrators from the building

Today the next day of the plenary meeting of the National Council of Justice would begin. The deliberations, however, have not yet taken off, because access to the headquarters of the National Court Register has been blocked by members of the citizens of the Republic of Poland. The chairman of the National Court of Justice has given the Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw – to which the building belongs to which the Council belongs – permission for police intervention. The representative of the university agreed, so the uniform appeared on the spot and the demonstrators took part from the headquarters of the National Court Register.

The judges had to give their opinion on the application to the extraordinary chamber of supervision and public affairs of the Supreme Court and the civil court. The first is to consider extraordinary complaints about final court decisions. From the beginning, the institution was controversial and criticized by both the European Commission and the representatives of the Law and Justice. However, they were disturbed by the citizens of the Republic of Poland.

Alicja Seliga of the National Court Register Office reported that the possible intervention of the security services in the KRS requires the prior permission of the rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The seat of the Council is located in the building, which is managed by SGGW. Therefore, the president of the national judicial register requested the Rector of the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw to request that the order be restored to the seat of the Council. The university representative agreed with the intervention of the services.

He asked the demonstrators to leave the building, but they did not react, because then the uniform appeared in the headquarters of the National Court Register and the Citizens of the Republic of Poland began to publicize.

Stanisław Piotrowicz (Law and Justice), when journalists asked him how he assesses the actions of demonstrators, said that "such a situation does not exist that a handful of dissatisfied with the loss of privileges would block the work of the constitutional body".

When asked about the privileges he is dealing with, he replied that it was also about "the judges who are ordinary thieves have not decided otherwise".

The deputy head of the Ministry of Justice Michał Wójcik, in turn, declared that everyone has the right to protest, but the action of the citizens of the Republic of Poland is "hucpa".

This has nothing to do with the protest on the edge of the law. This is quite a hucpa. Restrict the functioning of the constitutional organs and this should not happen – he noticed.

Earlier, another member of the National Court Register, PiS MP Krystyna Pawłowicz, wrote on Twitter on Monday: "The militia has blocked the National Court Register, the rector of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences does not want to call the police." She judged that "a concerted action against Poland has started today".

The demonstrators claim that the judges are committed to destroying the rule of law in Poland, as well as to the independence of the judiciary. One of the accusations is also the dependence of the decisions on the will of justice and justice. In their opinion, the entire new national judicial register has been politicized.

Problems with having the meeting had, among others, Jędrzej Kondek.

This gentleman puts his hand on the gradual exclusion of Poland in the European Union – he commented on one of the citizens of the Republic of Poland.

The judge ruled that the protesters "duplicate propaganda dubbing", he also stated that contrary to what they say Citizens of the Republic of Poland, there is no dictatorship in Poland.

The most sad thing is that there is no substantive discussion. To my question what they accuse me of what I do wrong, you can not answer other than to be a member of the National Court Register – Kondek complained.

Protesters have banners with them, among others with fragments of the constitution.

The Council will continue the four-day session that began on Thursday with regard to the candidates for the judges of the Supreme Court. Monday sessions of the National Court Register had to start at 10.

At the end of June in the Polish Monitor, the president's announcement of vacant positions in the Supreme Court was published – there are a total of 44 vacant vacancies.

On Friday, after considering five candidates, the National Court Registry ordered the judge of the Regional Court in Poznań, Wojciech Sych, with the judge of the Criminal Court of the Supreme Court.

In turn, on Thursday, the Council considered candidates for 16 vacancies in the SN Disciplinary Chamber. The National Court Register has adopted a resolution to request the President to appoint twelve judges in this chamber. Four places remained vacant because none of the candidates who moved to the next round did not receive the required majority of votes.

Earlier, almost 200 candidates for 44 judges in the Supreme Court were judged by four KRS teams.

The Council will chair the cast of 20 vacant judges in the Supreme Audit Chamber and Public Affairs of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.


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