Citizens of the Republic of Poland, the CODE of Mazovia and the Women & # 39; s Strike want a ban on the independence marines

Citizens of the Republic of Poland, the COD Mazowiecka and the Women & # 39; s Strike plan a counter-demonstration against the March of Independence – said Paweł Kasprzak of Obywateli RP Saturday. At the same time he appealed to the Warsaw authorities to ban the march.

President Andrzej Duda and PiS politicians do not go to the independence march in Warsaw

Law and Justice will not participate in the march on November 11; we would like it to be a march over party departments, without parties …

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This will be a counter-demonstration against the Independence March, organized by the citizens of the Republic of Poland. Last year, the demonstrators were intervened by the police that held 45 people and transported them to the command. A small group of women who had ties with the citizens of the Republic of Poland and the strike of the Ladies, also stood on the path of Independence Day with banners against fascism and incitement to hatred. Participants in this protest later reported that they had been defeated by the participants in the march. They showed photos & shots as evidence. In September of this year Warsaw District Prosecutor, however, discontinued the procedure regarding the violation of physical immunity of participants in the manifestations of Citizens of the Republic of Poland.

"Together with the COD Mazowsze, the National Strike of Women and the Warsaw Women's Strike, we called the square at the Gaulle roundabout – exactly where we were taken a year ago" – said Kasprzak in a conversation with the Polish press agency.

As he pointed out, the police operations at the time, which stopped and led to the order of a few dozen opponents, were regarded by the court as "unjustified and incorrect".

Block the walking route?

"We will be in silence" – announced the leader of the citizens of the Republic of Poland. As he argued, the Constitution is the slogan of counter-manifestation because it "defines what Polish and Polish liberties are". "The constitution is what we consider to be the most valuable in Poland for the century of Polish independence – it's such value as the Polish emblem or Polish national colors" – emphasized Kasprzak.

"We also appear there because we do not want Poland's image to celebrate the century of independence, as already announced in the foreign press today, that we will have to do in Warsaw with the biggest demonstration of neo-Nazis in Europe, and who knows or not in the world "- he added.

They will "do everything to block it"

The activist also said that if during the March of Independence, as in previous years, there would be crimes and crimes, including, among other things, participation in the meeting of drunken people, the use of rackets and pyrotechnics and the rise of hate speech. , racist or Nazi slogans, participants in the demonstrations of citizens of the Republic of Poland "will do everything to block it".

"If we manage to stand on the route of this march, we will do it – in the belief that we will physically stop this march, because it is not the case or seems possible, but in the belief that we are there , where the state police should have stood for a long time, even before previous governments "- said the leader of the citizens of the Republic of Poland.

At the same time he expressed the hope that the actions of the counter-demonstrators would eventually lead to a ban on subsequent Independence Marches.


"March of Independence is dangerous for European liberalism"

– 99 percent of these marches are most often people behave in a correct way. These are families, they are patriots – said Waldemar Buda on TVP Info …

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The courts do not want to ban …

"This march must be banned This is a complicated situation, yes, because the case law of the court so far indicates that such prohibitions prior to the declarations of peace and legitimate intentions of the organizers would be a kind of preventive censorship, and therefore they were The organizers have, however, been the same for many, many years (…) They have repeatedly proved that even if they were able to accept their peaceful intentions, they did not implement them, so even if this is the basis for these bans, because there is more than a real threat of dangerous situations and crimes, "said Kasprzak.

To the question whether the participants in the counter-manifestation want to have contact with the city hall and want to request the dissolution of the march in the event of a violation of the law, the activist replies in the affirmative. "Yes, that is our intentions and we have been trying for a long time," he admitted.

Understanding Gronkiewicz-Waltz and Gawor

Kasprzak said that he understood that Warsaw mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and the director of the office for security and crisis management of the city hall Ewa Gawor have difficulty making such a decision. "A determined demonstration of really dangerous people in the middle of a city actually causes another kind of threat, perhaps more serious, but somewhere – although there is a fact, it is too late – the dam must be found" – said the leader of the citizens of Poland.

"There is another week until that time, you can ban the demonstration for a week and this has to be done, it is certainly safer, of course these environments will appear in Warsaw anyway, and of course it will be a difficult situation, but one should be confronted with it someday, and we will also be there to embarrass those who need to remove it, and they do not, "he added.

He first informed the plans of the citizens of the Republic of Poland of the portal wPolityce.

March of Independence 2017

Last year's Independence Day, which ran through the streets of Warsaw on the 11th of November under the slogan "We for God", according to estimates from the police, about 60,000 people participated. people. The banners of the participants in the march included banners that are displayed slogans: "All different, all white people" or "Europe only for whites". There have also been reports of screaming slogans such as "Sieg Heil", "White strength", "Jews won from Poland".

The opposition to "tolerating racist and xenophobic behavior by the authorities of the state" was approved by the Warsaw Council. These positions were not supported by PiS councilors, who assured that public authorities would not tolerate such behavior.

The investigation into the public dissemination of the fascist state system and the incitement to hatred against the background of racial, ethnic and religious differences during the march is being carried out by the Warsaw Public Prosecutor.

The organizer of the March of Independence is the Independence March Association, whose members are connected to the National Movement. Demonstration takes place on November 11 every year, starting in 2010.



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