Częstochowa: 62-year-old is being paid attention

As reported by the press team of the Silesian police, it took several days to be beaten. The duty officer of the I-commissariat in Częstochowa received an intervention report on the square at Focha Street.

– As the researchers determined, the 62-year-old was attacked because he changed the young man's attention so that he would not satisfy his physiological need under the tree. The 22-year-old was furious. He hit and kicked the victim over his entire body. Fortunately, random witnesses who left the aggressor and asked for help – reported the police officers.

The 62-year-old was transported to the hospital, he suffered serious injuries, including fractures. The aggressor came to the police cell. He had almost three per mille of alcohol in his body.

After the disillusionment, he was taken to the district office of Częstochowa-Noordwijk, where he heard the accusation of injury. The public prosecutor applied him a preventive measure in the form of supervision.

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