Darlowko. The mayor of Darłowo defends the rescuers: distraction

A lawyer for parents who lost three children in Darłówko, on Friday, August 17, reported to the prosecution on the possibility of committing crimes by persons who are obliged to provide for the sun worshipers in the resort Darłówko. As he added in an interview with the media, his clients report "a series of objections" to the rescue operation. The mayor of Darłowo stood in defense of the rescuers.

– What the legal guardian of the parents does now, or speaks in a popular language today, is an attempt to draw attention or to distract from the main theme, ie the investigation of a public prosecutor in which no one has been charged, said the mayor Arkadiusz Klimowicz in Temat.pl. He recalled that there was an ongoing investigation into non-compliance with the obligations of those who had the duty to look after the children.

What happened in Darłówko?

According to the original version of the police, on August 14 in Darłówek, two brothers of 13 and 14 years and their 11-year-old sister were in the care of their mother. By 15 o'clock their mother left for the moment with the youngest, 2-year-old child. After her return she could not find her children, reported their disappearance, and rescuers began to search. On the same day, a 14-year-old was taken from the sea, who, despite his swimming ban, went into the water with his brothers and sisters. The boy in critical condition was taken to the hospital. A day later, information about his death was given. On Friday, August 17, she was informed about finding the body of a girl in the sea. Probably it is a wanted 11-year-old. Less than 20 hours later, near the eastern breakwater, the body of the boy was found, most likely the 13 year old wanted.

The family came for a holiday from Sulmierzyce near Krotoszyn in Greater Poland. The director of the school from Sulmierzyc Beata Koprowska in an interview with the portal Wirtualna Polska emphasizes that the brothers and sisters were "happy, polite and smiling". She also reported that psychologists and teachers return to school on Friday, where students can come. – Professional help will be given to them. They are at the disposal of the director of the psychological and pedagogical clinic in Krotoszyn, a school teacher and teachers – she inquired.

Declaration by the parents

"In the name of the parents of the tragically deceased children, despite numerous attacks on them, we declare that the parents have done their best to protect the children from the tragedy.It is not true that children have bathed at the red flag or in The water did not come true It is not true that the mother of children was alone with them on the beach Both parents were present At the moment my mother and her youngest son went to the dunes, the rest of the three baths provided The children bathed away from the breakwater and other people were bathing along the beach, both parents were subjected to a breathalyzer test and were sober "- we can read.

"Because in the matter the media and public opinion have already made a decision, recognizing parents as inadequate care for children and handing them over before the formal opening of the proceedings by the prosecution, despite the many doubts about the labeling of the swimming pool. and rescue operations, parents are forced to ask, despite the great grief processing The prosecutor or the beach did everything in accordance with the art and whether the way to mark the bathing area was correct, or everything was done to avoid the tragedy and all bailouts were carried out correctly We are calling to respect the dignity of the parents of the tragically deceased children, as well as their right to establish the truth about the tragic events Parents also want to thank everyone who supports them in this difficult time, both when finding children and now when they try to explain the circumstances of the event, "we read rder.

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