Darłowo: The savior who caught the 11-year-old, warns against the sea

T ragedy in Darłowo, when three children fell from the breakwater and drowned in the sea, shocked all of Poland. Now Andrzej Stępkowski, the head of the WOPR of the Sławieński Poviat, who captured the body of an 11-year-old girl, warns us against the power of the sea.

The head of the rescuers was interviewed by Dziennik Bałtycki. Stępowski admits that despite the already learned automatism, the body of the drawn-out child always evokes extreme emotions.

– At a certain moment, the so-called. automatism. However, when you see such a small girl, your heart breaks. Such a search is accompanied by the idea that you have to find a certain person, so that her loved ones have a chance to say the last goodbye to her. Such actions are remembered for years – he said.

The counselor also confirmed that children should not be near unreliable boulders. – There the waves hit the rocks very hard and bounced or bounced back, which caused a strong and very strong counterflow. The current had to take two children to the sea – said the head of the local WOPR

In an interview with "Dziennik Bałtycki" he also explained how reverse currents work, which are very dangerous for everyone who goes out on the sea and does not follow the basic rules

Andrzej Stępowski also mentioned the behavior of tourists who regularly ignore the red flags and jump into the water of breakwaters and wooden poles, which in combination with the waves and currents are dead.

source: dziennikbałtycki.pl

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