Do you want to leave your registration ID at home? Insurers complain about CEPiK

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She can leave her documents at home, but she does not count on state registers, it is better to have photos with her – advise insurers

From 1 October, when we board the car, we do not need to have a registration certificate with us and confirm the purchase of the OC policy. Unless … Well. Insurers point to underfunding in the CEPiK 2.0 system.

Following the amendment of the rules and the major facilitation proposed by the leader for drivers in the form of abolishing the registration obligation, it is known that there are huge problems with digitization. Because in theory we can keep documents at home, in practice it is better to have them with you.

– Again, there is a problem with CEPiK. Apparent changes take effect from October 1, but the offline system works all the time. We provide information immediately, but we know that their "accounting" in CEPiK can even take several days. At this moment the police can convince you that there is no insurance – no representative of one of the big insurers. We follow this line and ask about the problems in the digitization department.

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When inquiring about matters, the Polish Chamber of Insurance does not want to tackle the problem. PIU spokesperson Marcin Tarczyski will give advice to all drivers who should solve the problem. – A problem with missing documents can occur in the event of a collision. One of the solutions we propose is to photograph evidence and policy. In this way, even if we do not have access to the internet and we can not use the UFG, we have data about the car and insurances – says Tarczyski.

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