Elizabeth Revol in Poland. He meets Poles who have saved her life

In May she wrote to him: "Step by step, the memory wakes up, fills it up and finds words for feelings.While filling up the pages, I move in the mist, which lights up.Tomek does not leave me, nor Nang neither the emotions lived there with him, and then without him, when I am alone, thousands of words come to me at the same time … Maybe their strength will relieve the pain … I think about how he lived all the time his way of life, his love for Nangi … "

It is not known why Tomasz Mackiewicz fell in love with this mountain. He attacked her in the winter with savings, permission from the Pakistani authorities for an expedition at this time of the year was thirty times cheaper than in the summer. Mackiewicz climbed the alpine style, that is, a small group, quickly, without setting up camps, without the use of oxygen cylinders, with all the necessary equipment on his back. In this way he and Elizabeth entered the Nangi peak on January 25, 2018. For him it was the seventh attempt, for her the fourth.

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