Event in Żabka: "I do not support PiS supporters." The network sharply criticizes the shop owner – Polityka – all about politics on Dziennik.pl

Press service Żabka Poland in the official announcement for PAP he criticizes the franchisee of Ostrów Wielkopolski. "It is unacceptable to point out to a group of customers discrimination, which is contrary to the general principles of our agreement with the franchisee, so we are currently analyzing what steps to take in connection with this event" – informed the PAP press service of Żabka Polska. The communiqué underlined that "the store is undoubtedly a place to organize political events, which we will pay attention to the franchisee." The message was placed in the store without our knowledge and consent. "

Sunday at the entrance door of the Żabka store in ul. Kalisz in Ostrow Wielkopolski owner Adam Klimek published a statement: "Because of the non-commercial Sunday of PiS members and supporters, I do not support, because this is not allowed by the determination of conscience". The man sat behind the counter in a T-shirt with the inscription "Constitution & # 39 ;. It just happened, because there is no possibility that I would not serve a customer. I do not ask the buyer which part he belongs to. I just wanted to show the hypocrisy that those who introduced the bill were shopping on Sunday – Adam Klimek told PAP, who runs the Żabka store for seven years. He stressed that he is not a CODE activist and that his views are far-left.

Senator from PiS from Ostrów Wielkopolski, Łukasz Mikołajczyk, called the event "frightening". Such people pretend to defend democracy and thus limit freedom and break the constitution – commented the senator.

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